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Joy erupts across Naples as pizza making restarts

I want dough towering with cheese and tomato – and I want it now.

James Lewis posted in Pizza
38w ago

There are many ways that you could describe happiness.

A beautiful, bright, sunny and warm day is a typical example. Another could be the simple pleasure of watching an adorable bunny rabbit bounce up and down on its fluffy feet, searching for carrots to nibble on.

Food, naturally, is a staple source of happiness. The British have fish and chips, the Belgians – as I recently discovered – have frites, and the Australians have burnt barbecue leftovers.

Wonderfully, the Italian speciality of pizza is now back on the menu after the country’s COVID-19 doom was crushed and pizzerias across the land were finally given the all-clear to reopen.

Naples is leading the reunion between happiness and food by allowing its famous pizzerias to start cooking for hungry customers once more. The two caveats are that they have to be shut by 10pm every night and only delivery is allowed – eating in and collecting from restaurants is still prohibited.

During the shutdown (which was the first to ever affect the city), pizzerias had to quickly adjust their tactics in order to stay relevant in an almost internet-only world. Turning to social media to try to maintain the profitability of restaurants, many recipes and tricks for home-cooked pizzas were widely shared.

In fact, sales of yeast and flour have been thriving throughout the world’s various lockdowns, so it would be interesting to discover precisely how many pizza creations have been made during the pandemic (successfully or not). My guess would be billions. Considering that the residents of Naples eat at least one pizza per week (on average – if I lived there the figure would be closer to fifty) that estimation may not be far off.

As though a blessing from some higher power, there is no greater joy or reassurance than being able to devour a hearty, freshly made pizza.

What food makes you happy?

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