- The Filipino version of Spring Rolls, The Lumpiang Shanghai.

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Whenever these Shanghai Rolls served in parties they’re gone in seconds. True crunchy deliciousness in every bite. Serve with a sweet chili sauce!

7w ago

Lumpiang Shanghai or Filipino Spring Rolls are traditionally made of ground meat (usually pork), minced onions, finely chopped carrots and seasoning all rolled up in a paper-thin wrapper made with flour and water. It is sealed at the end either by using a sticky beaten egg or plain water. By the name it is given, you can almost guess that it has its origins in China though for some reason we haven’t dropped the “Shanghai” at the end and continues to use it to this day. I suppose the reason for this is to differentiate this from the other kind of Lumpia which uses mostly vegetables (though occasionally with a little meat tucked in) as filling.

In the Philippines, perhaps next to Pancit, Lumpiang Shanghai has got to be the most common dish you will find in any kind of celebration – whether it be a wedding, birthday, reunion or a simple get-together. The reason is that it can be made in bulk and ahead of time!

Each has its own style of cooking this dish but I can say one of the most delicious Lumpiang Shanghai that I have ever tasted is the one cooked by my Mom and the other one from my Mother in law. And since you need a lot of labor to do it I thought that I'd just order it from my mom instead, who happens to sell cooked foods.

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  • I could eat all of those

      1 month ago
  • I'll take a dozen or so

      1 month ago