Kate Middleton makes her own honey at her Norfolk home

The Duchess of Cambridge revealed her latest pastime during a visit to the Natural History Museum

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Kate Middleton is known for being somebody who has a lot of extra-curricular hobbies. She's known to be a lover of tennis, sailing and photography and now it seems that she's taken on another new hobby recently, that one being beekeeping!

She revealed her love of beekeeping during a visit to the Natural History Museum, where she surprised some local schoolchildren with a pot of honey from her own hives at Anmer Hall, her and Prince William's country residence in Norfolk that was given to the royal couple as a wedding gift by the Queen.

While talking with the local schoolchildren about the importance of bees when it comes to biodiversity (the Natural History Museum is currently running a big biodiversity project), the Duchess produced a jar of her own honey and asking them if they wanted to try some. "I've got one spoon each," she said. "This came especially from my beehive." She passed the honey around between the kids asking them how it tasted before telling them that "every time you see a bee; say thank you so much because they make delicious honey."

The Duchess of Cambridge isn't the only royal to be an avid beekeper and she isn't the only Middleton to be a beekeeper either. Her father in law the Prince of Wales also keeps his own bees and hives both at Highgrove (his main home in Gloucestershire) and at Birkhall (located on the Balmoral Estate in Aberdeenshire), and her brother James Middleton is an avid beekeper too.

The Duchess actually gave her brother a colony of 1,000 Buckfast bees as a present for his 24th birthday! With beekeeping being such a big hobby in both her and her husband's family, it's not that much of a big surprise that she would want to get involved in it herself too.

Will the kids get involved as well? Well, according to what Prince William said in an ITV documentary with Sir David Attenborough that was broadcast last year, the couple's three children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis love watching bees make honey. Whilst it wasn't known at the time that the Cambridges had their own hives, we can definitely assume now that Prince William was referring to the bees that they keep at Anmer Hall. If the kids are all already very interested at such a young age, it wouldn't be surprising to see them helping out with the family hobby as they get older!

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