KERB launches 'Grease Those Wheels' campaign to keep businesses afloat

Market company KERB is inviting consumers to pay for vouchers to keep the industry safe.

43w ago

KERB has created a platform for market traders to offer customers vouchers for a later date. This includes their affiliates that usually trade in key market locations across the city including Kings Cross, London Bridge, Canary Wharf, the Seven Dials in Covent Garden, and many more.

KERB is a company dedicated to growing and investing in small market sellers and street food vendors. Individuals can apply to be part of their INKERBATOR scheme, and enjoy a host of benefits that will propel small food vendors to the top of the market scene, and beyond.

In this tricky time for the service industry, KERB has put in place this scheme to protect their members from as much damage as is possible.

On offer is a selection of vouchers, cards and tickets for when the vendors open up again. The most affordable option is the book of lunch vouchers. You can choose how many pages you'd like, with one costing £10. Then there's a ticket to the 'Thank F**k that's over!' Seven Dials relaunch party for £50. There's three meal tokens and two drink tokens included, so sounds like good value.

If you're feeling particularly flush, then you can get the Seven Dials Market Gold Card: a meal and an alcoholic drink every day for a year for a relatively eye-watering £1500. Whilst it might be good value in the long run, that's a heck of a lot to shell out considering that there's no guarantee you'll be able to use the card for the next three months or more.

For those in a giving mood, you can simply donate to the company whatever amount you choose.

In addition to the general vouchers, you can buy vouchers for individual stalls. Each vendor is selling a £10 voucher which will be redeemable when they reopen. The catch here is that if the individual seller can't reopen once this whole thing is over, then you're not eligible for a refund.

This innovative approach to the dilemma is certainly one of the best options for businesses at this point, but it remains to be seen whether individuals are willing to prop up businesses at a time when jobs are dwindling and a recession is descending upon us.

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