#Ketchupgate: Of course Trump likes tomato sauce on his well-done steak

Something frightening about Trump has been revealed... yes, there's even more

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W​e all know who Donald Trump is, he is the President of the United States. Unlike most Presidents who were before him, Trump was a steak salesman. Most people who adore a nice cut of steak know that a lot of sauce can ruin it. Especially when that sauce is... tomato sauce.


"​Ketchupgate" is the name I'm giving to this controversy, I don't think it is in any way appropriate to be the most powerful person in the world... and put ketchup on steak. It is wrong to ruin such a great meal with a sauce such as that.

H​ow to ruin a perfect steak: a double fail

N​ot only does Trump put tomato sauce on steak, he also has it well done, which is a double crime. Nobody should put sauce on steak, and nobody should have a steak well done. Aside from everything else he's done, he should have been impeached on how he has his steak.

How did other US presidents like their steak?

Harry Truman liked his well done, as did Ronald Reagan. Even Obama isn't innocent here... he loves his steak medium-well done, George W. Bush prefers Kobe Beef, which is from a fancy Japanese cow.

Jimmy Carter's favourite steak was a medium-rare sirloin (the best combination!), Richard Nixon ate ground steak (mince), Lyndon Johnson liked fillet steak and sirloin, JFK had his plain, and Dwight Eisenhower liked his rare.

W​hich president has the best taste in steak?

I​n my opinion, Jimmy Carter has the best taste in steak. I think the best tasting steak is medium-rare and it doesn't hurt if it is sirloin. Next, I think George W. Bush had the second best taste with Kobe Beef!

W​hy it is such a crime to have sauce on steak...

H​aving tomato sauce on steak ruins all the effort a chef has put into it: all steak tastes the same if it is well done and slathered in tomato sauce. Steak is best served rare, or medium-rare, with either no sauce or a tiny bit of stilton/peppercorn sauce. Nothing else is good enough.

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  • Ha, this really made me laugh. I mean, you'd expect nothing less from him right??

      9 months ago
  • Just wipe its arse, show it the pan and enjoy a perfect blue steak 🥩

      9 months ago