Kevin Hart says he accidentally found out he has vineyard behind his house

I wish I could stumble upon my own vineyard

1w ago

Bon Appétit, a YouTube channel that specialises in fine dining and wine, recently invited actor and comedian Kevin Hart for a chat, challenging him to guess the price of cheap and expensive wines based on taste alone.

The host asked Hart about his own experience with wine and Hart said he finds "the idea of something going in the ground, growing, getting barrelled, aged for a certain amount of time, not touched and then being enjoyed is fascinating", he also added that he 'accidentally' found that he has a vineyard in his own home.

"I have a vineyard behind my house, [just] because somebody had it and didn't complete it. And I found out that I have probably [the equivalent of] about 800 bottles of wine, but I don't wanna sell it. I don't wanna get into the wine business."

Damn, I wish I could stumble upon my own vineyard behind my house.

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Comments (4)

  • Wow, I can't imagine he didn't realize what was growing behind his house. We have wild grapevines growing at the edge of our property and in the fall the smell of overly ripe grapes is unmistakable... Maybe he'll allow somebody else to cultivate and use the vines?

      8 days ago
  • I want my own vineyard

      6 days ago
  • That say a lot 😄

      7 days ago