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Key workers get free Krispy Kreme doughnuts

The confectionery firm is forgoing dough for its dough

1y ago

There has been a relentless torrent of news stories about how businesses and communities have combined in one effort to provide the best services and help to key workers who are selflessly dedicating their time to keep the whole population fed, fit and safe as Covid-19 worries show no signs of abating.

All of the actions taken so far have been noble exertions, and mainly focused on making the everyday lives of key workers run as smoothly and sophisticatedly as can possibly be expected. The latest announcement from Krispy Kreme, meanwhile, may just have taken the biggest bite of nobility so far.

The company famous for its doughnuts has – like the majority of businesses – had to make sacrifices during the Coronavirus emergency, including stopping operations at its factory in Watford, near London. However, because advanced safety measures have now been implemented at all of the firm’s manufacturing sites, the Watford base will be re-opening to distribute thousands of doughnuts to key workers across the UK.

A campaign has been launched by the organisation to dispatch “half a million smiles” in the form of 500,000 Original Glazed doughnuts to hospitals, charities, carers, food banks, police stations and other hard-working community members. 100,000 of the sweet delights have already been delivered (including by Krispy Kreme’s CEO) and the service is set to continue throughout April.

Furthermore, anyone can be nominated to receive a free doughnut. To put someone forward, email servingsmiles@krispykreme.co.uk and explain your reasons why you think your nominee is deserving of a donated treat.

Please feel free to nominate me as many times as you want.

Have you received goodwill from your community?

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