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KFC has been rating photos homemade fried chicken

Twitter users have been submitting photos of their attempts at KFC food – with predictable results.

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The bizarre land of Twitter developed an air of pomposity (something that's about as uncommon on the site as hashtags) today when KFC UK & Ireland started ranking photographs of its own food.

The #RateMyKFC campaign was rigged up by an unnamed admin of the account, who encouraged users to send in photos of KFC food they had made themselves.

The ostentatious admin was surprisingly friendly towards some of the designs...

But less so when viewing others.

An unsurprising victor of the thread was someone who sent in a photograph of... KFC! (Although, Satan alone can only know what a re-heated KFC tastes like. I think I'd rather eat it covered in ice – but I bet it'd still find a way to be greasy even then).

It was also interesting to note the admin's apparent dislike of greasy, bulbous, battered chicken. It's a good job that KFC only provides the very highest quality of fried meat.

Some good self-promotion for KFC today, then. Quite what the point was, considering that all of its UK restaurants are currently closed, is another matter. Maybe it was a bold move to encourage people to invest in a healthy diet and boost their cooking skills; if so, I'm signed up.

What's best or worst KFC you've ever eaten?

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