KFC has been roasting its own cooking

Admins of the firm’s Twitter account have been attempting to cook the legendary fried chicken – with varying degrees of success.

1y ago

Recently, the KFC UK and Ireland Twitter account bravely asked the public to submit photos of efforts they had made during lockdown to serve up homemade examples of the Colonel’s beloved battered chicken.

The results were varied, with some users enduring the scorn of KFC’s representatives and others basking in the glory of compliments. Now, the operators of the KFC social accounts have had their own turn at greasing chicken.

The first two creations produced pretty masterful results…

But the third looked almost as bad as the Kentucky firm’s chips:

After months of pent-up rage, the public finally had their say.

It would seem that it is not as easy as it looks being a KFC fryer. It obviously takes decades of skill to perfect the art of cold chips and watery drinks.

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