KFC launches its 2019 Christmas burger, and we all want a bite

This looks seriously tasty!

1y ago

With Christmas just around the corner, it was only a matter of time before fast food chains started to bring out Christmas-themed meals.

The one which has caught many people's eye is the KFC Festive Burger. It comes with fried chicken (of course), a hash brown, cranberry sauce, sage and onion stuffing, mayo, and cheese.

But it gets better, as that's not the only thing KFC has come out with.

KFC has also launched 'Festive Fries' and a Mint Choc Krushem (which sounds delicious, FYI).

This can come as a festive box which includes the burger, fries, beans and a drumstick for £6.89. It's a Christmas miracle.

The burger itself costs £4.59, and the Krushem milkshake comes in at a cool £2.79. And the best part is, you can get one as of today, here in the UK.

Will you be giving one a try?

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Comments (8)

  • One word. Original extra crispy

      1 year ago
  • I had one yesterday, with the 'festive fries' and a tub of gravy. To be honest, I wasn't over-impressed with the burger as there was something a bit overpowering about the cranberry sauce, but dipping it in gravy definitely helped. The fries were good though, and they went really well with the gravy.

      1 year ago
  • Darn it Ben, you're giving my stomach the rumblies.

      1 year ago
  • Beans? Surely gravy would make more sense at Christmas?

      1 year ago
  • A Christmas miracle would be if the Krushems machine was working when I go there.

    I'm convinced Krushems ain't real, the posters just there to lure you in.

      1 year ago