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KFC pulls finger-lickin’ good adverts amid Coronavirus

It turns out that hygiene is more important than salty chicken batter.

1y ago

KFC is not a brand that is fearful of controversy.

It’s UK and Ireland Twitter account, for example, is a fiery display of perfecting how to wind people up…

But now even the chicken chain’s seemingly innocent marketing campaigns have come under intense scrutiny, with the firm choosing to axe one of its newest “finger lickin’ good” campaigns.

The advertisement, which shows a variety of people succulently sucking on their fingers while indulging on fried chicken, has been pulled due to the negative impact it is likely to have regarding the spread of Coronavirus.

Healthcare officials have urged populations to regularly follow basic hygiene precautions, including focussing on thoroughly washing hands for at least twenty seconds. Clearly, KFC’s slobber supporting commercial was hardly going to encourage people to take sensible health precautions.

However, as no known vaccine is yet available for the virus, perhaps KFC could throw its experience into the medical profession: surely not even Coronavirus would want to infect KFC’s soggy, chewy chips.

Was KFC right to cancel its commercials?

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Comments (3)

  • I guess they had too. There’s somebody who sued McDonald’s for their coffee cuo burning their hand, so I guess that would explain why.

      1 year ago
  • Everton is the biscuits. Always there, but mediocre, sometimes soggy, other times dry

      1 year ago
  • Hahahahaha

      1 year ago