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    KFC's Christmas menu is getting really weird

    The Colonel’s latest chicken creation is definitely one of the year’s craziest festive offerings.

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    What do you want for Christmas? The latest tech? A mountain of chocolate? Peace and goodwill for all (sweet if slightly soppy)? In reality, it doesn’t actually matter: you’re getting 30 bottles of deodorant and a fortnight of crushing hangovers.

    Perhaps it was a similarly pessimistic vein that KFC was following when it developed its Christmas menu for what has been a glorious year. After all, there is literally no point in putting loads of effort into something when the planet is probably going to be annihilated in a few weeks anyway by herds of indestructible robot dinosaurs or whatever other crazy thing 2020 can think to throw at us.

    That’s why we now have the festive ambiance of a KFC Gravy Burger to look forward to over the next couple of months. Jesus would be so proud of how far we have come as a society.

    The special dish will perfectly adorn any tinsel-smothered dining room thanks to its elegant ingredients of chicken fillet, a hash brown, cheese, Gravynnaise (spreadable gravy), a side of fries, a drink and a pot of gravy. The burger’s hash brown has been innovatively designed with a small well that can hold droplets of finest KFC gravy (and definitely in no way leaves you feeling like you’ve been fobbed off with half a battered potato).

    Maybe my cynicism is uncalled for. Thinking about it, as chips are potatoes, deep-fried chicken is basically turkey and The Colonel’s gravy is so spectacular that many people believe it has exclusive healing powers, KFC’s greasy delights could well replace the typical 25th December dinner.

    Available from 16th November, the Gravy Burger can be purchased at KFC restaurants and from Deliveroo for £6.99. KFC’s Christmas miracle could be just the thing if you want those New Year exercising resolutions to feel extra good.

    Will you be swapping traditional festive trimmings for KFC this year?

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    • 😟 I don't think we've really evolved much as a society, in fact I think the events of 2020 may have set us back several centuries. I'm quite sure they had gravy burgers in King Arthur's court.

        14 days ago
      • I'd be quite happy to return to the Dark Ages. They'd surely be an improvement

          13 days ago
    • Umm..no. I will make one with real gravy. 😀

        14 days ago