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Kind snacks are taking over your grocery store

The healthy snack company is expanding into four new sections

1y ago

If, like me, you think Kind makes literally the best cereal bars ever, then you’ll be pretty pleased to hear that the company has just announced a big expansion.

Kind Healthy Snacks are going to be popping up in *four* new grocery store sections.

First up: the frozen aisle. The all-new Kind Frozen Bars (main image) will mean you can have a dessert-style frozen treat without worrying about it being packed full of sugar… or weird fake sweeteners. These plant-based creamy bars are made from nutrient-dense nuts, and layered with smooth dark chocolate and nut butter.

Then there’s the chocolate aisle (ah, the chocolate aisle). Kind Bark is made with 55% cacao dark chocolate that is Fair Trade certified.

As for the refrigerator aisle, Kind has come up with its first-ever smooth and creamy nut butter protein bar. You’ll find the Kind Nut Butter Bar in the chilled section.

And finally, Kind is also expanding into the snack mix section, with new grain-free versions of the Kind bars for easy snacking. There are two products: Nut & Fruit Clusters and Nut & Seed Clusters.

Daniel Lubetzky, Founder and Executive Chairman, said: "Since day one, Kind has been obsessed with upholding our brand promise – to create innovative, premium foods that are both healthy and tasty. While these categories are new for us, each is consistent with how we've always entered new categories – with an eye to creatively elevate people's overall experience."

Calling other Kind bar fans! What's your favorite type of bar?

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  • Oh my! These were a lifesaver when I first found out that I was a celiac! They were one of the few safe travel foods available at the US gas station for years. So I will gladly sing their praises! (BTW, if anyone tells you that gluten-free is a health fad, please let them know that SPAM is gluten free!)

      1 year ago