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    Kitchen hacks: how to de-scale a kettle

    Time for tea, or time on your hands? Cleaning the kettle will improve your brew. Here's how its done...

    34w ago


    Many of us are spending extra time spring cleaning the house and drinking tea at the moment – so here is a quick tip that I hope you find useful.

    If, like me, you get nasty lime deposits in your kettle, you need to clean it out – otherwise you start getting lime flakes at the bottom of your cup. Yuck!

    Just put 150ml of white wine or cider vinegar in the water, boil the kettle, then pour it out.

    Rinse the kettle well, boil again and pour the water out.

    This should have done the trick. If there are still some deposits there, put some neat vinegar in the bottom of the kettle, agitate with a cloth and leave to soak for thirty minutes before going through this process again.

    Now put a note it in your diary to do every month, and your kettle will always be gleaming and healthy!

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    Comments (4)

    • John coleman I agree

        7 months ago
    • That, by the way, is a nice kettle.

        7 months ago
    • This is only £1.

        7 months ago
    • I absolutely love your retro kettle!

        7 months ago