- Some super special German Cola from Hamburg.

Kola is written with K

A different Kola.

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8w ago

I bet everyone here has at least heard of Coca Cola. It is so ubiquitous, it is pretty much the synonym for the Drink.

But have you ever heard of Frit-Kola? For most People outside of Germany, I kinda doubt it. And that is a bit of a shame.

At the Lake.

At the Lake.

Being made in Germany, and probably also to differentiate itself from the establishment Colas, they write themselves with a K since it all started in some Hamburg University Dorm back in 2002.

Back then, I obviously did not know Fritz-Kola. But I have been in love pretty much ever since I had my first one some time around 2013.

I pretty much get some whenever I have the chance and/ or want some. It is a bit pricier than regular Coke after all, even though I definitely feel like the Experience is worth the Price.

Fritz-Kola is also exclusively sold in Glass Bottles. And there is a Drink-from-Glas Initiative.

So good!

So good!

While the Kola is very good, there are also a variety of Lemonades and even a Fritz Version of Spezi called Misch Masch. That is also really good.

Another Thing I like very much is that most, if not all, of their Ingredients are Eco-Certified. It is always good to be a bit environmentally conscious.

And the Company is still owned by one of the Founders. That is also cool.

Fritz Melon Limo in Hamburg.

Fritz Melon Limo in Hamburg.

Truth be told though: Of the many Drinks made by Fritz, neither the Kola nor Misch Masch are actually my favourites.

I very much prefer they Honeydew Lemonade. That stuff is just awesome on so many different levels. Sadly, it is not available everywhere though.

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