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Kompot recipe: A fruity Polish non-alcoholic drink with apples and strawberries

Rโ€‹ecipe for a non-alcoholic and very fruity drink, served mostly on hot days

Kโ€‹ompot is a non-alcoholic, sweet drink served cold or hot. You make it by cooking a large pot of water, seasonal fruits like apples, strawberries, plums, apricots or cherries with some sugar or honey to add some sweetness.

During the winter, it's mostly served hot with spices such as cinnamon, ginger, clove and a mix of dried fruits. It's very popular in Central and Eastern Europe.

This fruity beverage was a part of my childhood. Served cold by my mama at home (she is still preparing kompot by the way, and it tastes delicious) during hot summer days when seasonal fruits appear. I also remember a big pot of kompot served in the middle of lunch time to accompany meals in my kindergarden or primary school.

Mโ€‹y version of the drink is prepared with apples and strawberries. It only took me 30 minutes to make. Let's jump to recipe!


1โ€‹ litre of water

2โ€‹ x Apples

Sโ€‹trawberries (400 - 430g)

Hโ€‹oney or sugar (to taste - in my version I used honey)


1โ€‹. Prepare pot with water, wash, dry and peel apples. Then cut apples into crescents. Do the same thing with the strawberries (wash them and get rid of peduncles)

2โ€‹. Boil the water over a medium heat, add all fruits to the pot. Cook for 30 minutes.

3โ€‹. After this time, let it cool a little bit and add honey to taste. Mix everything and let it rest and cool down totally.

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