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Krispy Kreme shows off new dessert donuts

Snack time need never be boring again.

1y ago

For me, the biggest problem with simple glazed donuts is that they are just too uninteresting. Using actual money to have to buy even one of them would send me into a deep, comatose shock. I’d rather invest in a jug of witches’ broth.

The situation improves slightly when I am presented with iced donuts; then, the addition of even more sugar (and the very significant sprinkles) adds a whole new level of enjoyment to my tasty treat (and by “tasty treat” I of course mean breakfast).

The big issue for me is the dough, which you may have noticed is rather bready. Strange, really. Even when donuts are drowned in glucose and stickiness they are still ultimately overwhelmed by the dull stodginess of bread.

The solution, naturally, is a filled donut. My favorite is custard, but now Krispy Kreme have once again blown out all of the windows by launching three new and exclusive filled donuts.

Branded the Dessert Doughnuts Collection, the legendary donut maker has produced flavors called Banana Pudding Doughnut, Coconut Cake Doughnut and Mississippi Mud Pie Doughnut. Although only the Banana and Mud Pie creations are available in Canada, the full shebang of three can be found at outlets across the US.

The Banana offering is described as being stuffed with banana pudding, covered in yellow icing and finished off with three vanilla wafers and trusty Kreme. Meanwhile, the Coconut variety is a cake donut flavored with – you guessed it – coconut, layered with cream cheese icing and sprinkled with loads of coconut pieces. Finally, the Mud Pie (certain to be the best) is crammed with Chocolate Pie Kreme and topped with cookie pieces, chocolate icing and slithers of marshmallow.

There is only a limited run of the donuts as their availability is being withdrawn after June 24, so if you want to freshen up your sneaky snack game you’d better get buying now.

Which is your favorite flavor?

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  • Love ❤️ Donuts 🍩

      1 year ago
  • I've always asked myself, does anyone actually like Krispy Kreme? Why?

      1 year ago