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Krushems Scandal Rant

A bigger disaster than Brexit and more important to resolve

1y ago

Christmas is fast approaching and KFC have released their Xmas menu, and with it comes their propaganda to lure you in to the restaurant so you buy some chicken. I refer of course to the KFC Krushem, a fictional food that has been advertised to get people interested.

Now before you all decide I'm insane and wearing a KFC bucket on my head hear me out, every time I've been to a KFC and I ask for a Krushem (really was looking forward to trying the new Mint Choc one) I get told the same scripted line that fills my heart with rage... "Sorry, the Krushem machine has just stopped working"

Fake images made from Playdough!

Fake images made from Playdough!

Every single time without hesitating that's what they say, I keep hoping to get served by the new worker one day and when I ask the question they get stage fright and shout "LINE?" Seriously KFC need to stop teasing as with fake food, we WILL go in there for the chicken alone.

Either make the bloody Krushems or stop advertising them. In a time when Tesla unveil something like that damn CyberTruck, why the bloody hell can't a teenager make a fancy milkshake!


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