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Ladies and Gentlemen: London's first low & no-Alcohol dive bar has landed

Dry January is not going to be one bit as bleak as you expected this year

Judy Cogan posted in Drinks
2y ago

I​f you thought giving up booze for January meant your social life has to dry up, think again.

Willow, the first alcohol-free spirit to contain cannabidiol (CBD), is taking over London's renowned five star dive bar, Ladies and Gentleman, and will be serving up only low and no alcohol drinks for the month of January. You weekend fun is ready to be reclaimed people!

From this Friday (January 10) until Friday 31 January, all drinks served will have a maximum of 0.5% ABV at what Ladies and Gentleman are calling their “drink and dive” bar. Clever!



Willow is a super cool low alcohol spirit which combines CBD and the unique taste profile of pineapple, star anise, blue agave and cherry tomatoes. It will be served alongside a selection of low ABV beers, a wide range of cocktails and low alcohol wines proving you have choices beyond a diet-coke or soda and lime if you've decided to stay on the wagon.

Willow will be mixing up some exclusive and delicious cocktails in collaboration with Ladies and Gentleman’s bar, Eisberg non-alcoholic wine and Walk The Line, non alcoholic beer.

There's a full cocktail menu on offer, with highlights including: Willow Spritz — a refreshing combination of Willow, elderflower cordial, soda and garnished with zesty lemon peel; Willow Flip — a frothy mix of Willow, sugar syrup and vegan foaming bitters and Let's Get Fizzical, a twist on a French 75 using Willow, citrus and sugar syrup, topped with Eisberg sparkling rose.

L​adies and Gentlemen bar

L​adies and Gentlemen bar

Every week throughout January Willow and Ladies and Gent’s bar — there's three across London in Camden, Kentish Town and Kings Cross — will also be hosting Mindful Thursday’s, which offers a new Lego based therapy, a new form of mindfulness that involves a unique Lego build. 

Tickets cost just £5 per person and all proceeds from the sessions will go to the Toy Project, a special charity that seeks to recycle toys and distribute them globally for the less fortunate. 

If drinking tasty low alcohol cocktails isn’t enough, the bar is also hosting cocktail making masterclasses you can join in and pick up tips on how to pimp your low abv drinks at home.



There’s also low ABV beer-tasting sessions: sip new hoppy flavours and learn about brewing and dealcoholisation techniques used to create top quality alcohol free beers.

L​adies and Gentlemen's Camden bar opened last year as a subterranean cocktail bar and micro distillery launched by owner William Borrell, 40, who opened a similar venue in a former Kentish Town convenience in 2015, drawing regulars including Florence Welch. Note: all of his bars are formerly derelict public toilets transformed.

“We are seeing a really exciting spike in the no & low-alcohol category, which has been growing since 2001," says Ladies and Gentlemen’s founder William Borrell. "With an increasing number of products available, those who want to hold off on alcoholic beverages don’t need to miss out on the experience of enjoying a beer with friends or a non alcoholic cocktail with all the cues of alcohol.” Who said being dry for a whole month or even just a Friday night is boring!

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  • Low and nonalcoholic drinks are good, but just in general, I'm afraid nothing makes me more rebellious than a designated month.

      2 years ago
    • Ha I was talking to a friend about exactly this yesterday. She was saying if she starts of January trying to go booze free she ends up drinking like a sailor by the end of the month!

        2 years ago