Lasagne-in-a-Pizza launches at UK pub chain

Carbs, carbs carbs… It’s the “ultimate Italian main course”

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I like carbs. I like lasagne. I like pizza. I like fries. Do I like them all together? I have no idea, but an awful part of me is tempted to find out…

In another food mash-up you didn’t know you needed (or maybe wanted?), Hungry Horse pubs across the UK have officially launched a Lasagne-in-a-Pizza on their Spring menu.

Spring, the time of year when it starts to get warmer, the days get lighter… so does the food we eat. But nope, not in Hungry Horse’s Spring. You eat Lasagne-in-a-Pizza, with a size of fries, and napolitana dip.

Apparently it’s ‘perfect for sharing between friends’, so it at least looks like it’s for more than one person.

‘But how do you make a Lasagne-in-a-Pizza’ I hear you cry? Well, you take one Hungry Horse classic beef lasagne, and sandwich it between two freshly baked Margherita pizzas. Then you serve it with napolitana dip and fries.

Jason Radbourn, senior food development manager at Hungry Horse, said, “We know one of the greatest dilemmas when eating out is deciding what to choose from the menu. So, with that in mind, we’ve combined two of our favourite dishes to create the ultimate Italian main meal.

“We’re not shy when it comes to experimenting with food innovation and always try to create a real showstopper on each of our new menus. We hope our customers are as excited as we are to try our tasty new offering.”

So there you have it. After hundreds of years of Italians perfecting their pasta, their pizza, their everything, Hungry Horse has swept in to create, “the ultimate Italian main meal”.

Can’t wait to hear what the Italian FoodTribers think about this one…

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