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Late night salad sandwich
Oh, the timeless, almost universal meal.
Comprised of the salad (and sandwich) basics tomato, lettuce and spreadable butter, olive oil if on full salad mode or mayonnaise If you’re barbaric, as well as modern, flavorful and geographically accurate ingredients, all enclosed inside a French roll - specifically a marraqueta (if you’ve been unlucky enough to be yet to try this bread then I pity you).
Spread the fatty substance onto one side of the bread for reasons of economy, introduce a sliced, preferably spiced pickle on top, add a couple half decent looking leaves of oak leaf lettuce (nobody eats iceberg anymore ew) and slices of a tomato. The top bun is to be sprinkled with smoked chili powder aka merkén and ground pepper. Couple with Yerba mate and enjoy at ease.

Gen Z tip: slap a slice of cheese in between the lettuce for extra comfort; I’m using Chanco of course.

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