Review: trying 3 new milk alternatives

A comparison of 3 of the newest milk alternatives we have tried over the last couple of weeks.

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5w ago

Thank you to all those who voted for this article to be written. We love to try out different milk alternatives and rate them. Over the last couple of years we have tried plenty of different brands and we are always testing new ones against our favourite brands. Our go to brand of oat milk is Oatly barista or the whole milk version if we are buying from the chilled section.

The first of the milk we tried was the new Wunda milk, new and produced by Nestle. The carton makes it out to almost be super heroic and possibly stating that it's better than others....

"Made from yellow split peas, Wunda has a neutral, refreshing taste that makes it a great alternative and versatile choice for people who want a plant-based drink that tastes closer to dairy. Wunda is ‘epic in everything’ that you would otherwise use milk for; it is delicious drunk on its own, poured on cereal, used in hot beverages, frothed, cooked and much more."


So here is what we think: Wunda is a contender to the milk alternatives as it has a great taste and could fool someone in a blind taste test as it reminds me a bit of real milk. Bear in mind I haven't drunk real milk for a while but it was very realistic. To us the biggest test is how it is in tea and coffee. The main issue with milk alternatives is they can be curdling in tea and coffee. So how did Wunda hold up... well good news is it didn't curdle but taste wise I am afraid it wasn't great. It had a bitter edge and just didn't sit well with my taste buds. However on its own, in smoothies, shakes, or on breakfast, it's really good. A drink I would say is better kept cold than being used in cookery or hot drinks.


Second on the list to try was Mylk.

Whole is our thickest, creamiest Mylk. Dash it into porridge, stir it into sauces or blend it in a smoothie. NO preservatives.

Rebel Kitchen

Now this was an interesting review. It started off really well and then kind of flopped towards the end - I will explain all! So to drink it was very tasty, nice and creamy and had a great flavour. It held its own in tea and coffee and didn't taste too bad. My only slight dislike was I could taste the coconut in it but it was not a huge minus.

Reading the packaging it states there are: NO preservatives. NO thickeners. NO stabilisers. NO refined sugar. NO emulsifiers.


Now for the weird negative. As time was going on I could feel something rattling around inside. Towards the end of the carton I cut it open to find these weird, claylike lumps..... I have to admit it has put me off buying anymore of them for a while. I am sure it's just sediment of the products they have used to place in the milk but I also had a friend try it and she too had the same occurrence. I feel this alternative needs a little more development in production....

The Mighty Pea oat milk is our third and final new milk alternative we looked at. Mighty has been around for a while compared to the others. They started off with Mighty Pea milk, and have now branched into oat milk too and we couldn't wait to try it. We love using the pea milk in smoothies and cooking but it wasn't great for teas and coffees, so we had high hopes the oat milk would tick all the boxes.

Mighty Protein Oat is a smooth & creamy plant based, dairy free milk alternative. If you are looking for an Oat milk, this is a great alternative packed with more protein and calcium than regular oat milk.

Mighty Pea

I am afraid I don't have many photos to back up how good this was - so your have to take my word for it!! It featured a great, perfect sweetness for me, and so good in coffee if you like it creamy. Mighty Pea have managed to keep their known thickness and quality in this new oat milk.

Mighty pea Oat mlk

So to conclude, we have a new contender in our house, and are now dodging between the several brands now in our households! It mainly comes down to what's in stock or on offer but the Mighty Pea oat milk is in our fridge currently. If you know of any brands or have a favourite of your own you would like us to try and rate, please comment below. We are open to trying!

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  • I won't lie, those Mylk clumps are the last thing I'd be expecting to land on my Wheet Bix in the morning. Thanks for the review Voodie!

      1 month ago
    • Couldn’t agree more it was a bit of a surprise 🙈🙈🙈

        1 month ago
  • Another good review!

      1 month ago