Home cooking brought to you by
Home cooking brought to you by

Launching the #CookYourself challenge

Well, not literally! SPONSORED BY JOHN COLEMAN

The essence of the challenge

I'm going a bit poetic here, but bear with me. What you eat is what you are . . or something along those lines. Whether we notice it or not, we tend to express ourselves in the kitchen, but rarely we would do a deliberate meal that screams "It's me!".

Our creativity may run wild, but when was the last time you tried to express your own self by cooking something that describes your kind soul and colourful personality? Never?! Me too...

It's sometimes challenging to describe ourselves using words, let alone meals, but that's exactly what I'm challenging you to do. Describe your personality in a dish, with a meal the essence of which would relate to your own character traits. Cheerful, playful, mad as a chair . . don't be shy to make your own statement. Dare to improvise, target your creativity to make the best version of yourself, or even the version you want to become one day. Cook yourself! But not literally!

The Rules:

1) Make a dish that would best describe yourself, your character, your personality.

2) Everything goes - salad, sweets, meat, vegan, pizza, cocktails etc.

3) Post your creation with a hashtag #CookYourself in the title.

4) Have fun doing it! It's all about fun!

5) Win some coins at the end - 500 coins for 1st place, 250 for 2nd and 50 for 3rd.

6) The challenge ends on November 30th. The winners will be announced in December.


John, buying McNuggets and putting a sauce over them doesn't count.

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