Le focaccine dell'Esselunga: a song about small focaccia you need to hear

Because we Italians prepare food, eat food and sing about food. Attention: high cringe levels!

2w ago

I don't know why, but a song from a few years ago came to mind. It's a bit ridiculous and certainly absurd, but very Italian! It's called Le Focaccine dell'Esselunga (small focaccias from Esselunga). Esselunga is a famous supermarket chain and is very famous for its really, really ridiculously good tasting focaccine.

Yes, that's them!

Yes, that's them!

The song is silly, funny, but honestly these scones deserve a dedication – they deserve a statue in my opinion. Every time I go shopping, I find myself in front of the shelf of bread and I am torn between giving in to my wishes or being good and moving on.

The truth is that Esselunga's little breads are addictive and no other supermarket makes them as good. If you come to Italy, make sure you go to Esselunga and buy some because they are really something!

And now, the song... There is also a Lamborghini in the video!

Le Focaccine dell'Esselunga - OEL

Today I'll tell you a story

A true story

A life story

A fantastic story

I remember that day like it was yesterday (maybe it was yesterday)

My mother was back, from Esselunga (yes)

From Esselunga

He had something unusual with her (strange)

I was wondering what it was (I knew)

Then I saw that they were round

I guess it was the focaccine

I said "mom, you bought me the focaccine"

She told me sure, sure, sure, sure (sure)

And then I said cabbage I know that they are very good

And then I tasted one and it was really very good

The focaccine dell'Esselunga

The focaccine dell'Esselunga

They are very good, yes they are very good (yes)

I can't do without it, who cares about Dom Pero

So there are the Esselunga focaccine (the best in the world)

That they are good, indeed I dare to say super good (mamma mia)

Grease the right, that they make you feel the taste

From that moment I fell in love with the Esselunga focaccine

Dell'Esselunga, I fell in love with the Esselunga focaccine

Of the Esselunga scones, the Esselunga focaccine

How good they are only God knows, how greasy they are, only God knows

They are greasy but I like focaccine

I taste them, I taste them, I taste them

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Comments (14)

  • Why is everything the Italian do always cool all the time?

      20 days ago
  • hahahaha only in Italy...!

      20 days ago
  • Definitely interesting!

      20 days ago
  • That text made me laugh 🤣🤣

      20 days ago
  • High cringe level indeed! 😁 The song is horrific and the tattoos are even worse. Seems comparable to this one: www.youtube.com/watch?v=cG042nkReBA 🤣

    Having said that, if the focaccine are that good, no bad song can harm them...

    Did the supermarket commission that?

      20 days ago
    • Oh gosh 😂No, I don't think... I think it was the boy's idea!

        18 days ago
    • Jeez, what has this world come to? 😁 Lamborghini should ban people with tattoos from driving their cars... Hmm, on second thought, they'd probably lose 90% of their customers if they did 🤣

        17 days ago