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LeBron James has "the worst diet ever"

His breakfast routine sounds pretty great, not gonna lie

1y ago

We’ve heard of the paleo diet, we had a stint going keto, we went meat-free for Veganuary. Hell, we’ve even tried Atkins.

But the five-french-toast-breakfast diet? Now that’s a new one.

It transpires that that’s what basketball star LeBron James eats every morning — according to his former Cleveland Cavaliers teammate Tristan Thompson (imagine having your private culinary routines ratted out by your coworker!).

Thompson said James has “the worst f**king diet ever”.

Speaking to The Athletic, he said: “Ask him what he eats for breakfast. He has like five french toast, drowns it in syrup with strawberries and bananas. Then he has like a four-egg omelette and then he goes and just f**king dunks on somebody. It doesn’t make sense.”

This senseless diet sounds pretty fantastic to us. But hey, we’re not a star player for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Thompson also said: “He eats desserts with every meal. He’ll come with his one-week diet, vegan crap, but he literally eats like it doesn’t make sense. He’s really a specimen. He eats like shit. I remember one year I tried to eat like he ate and it just didn’t work out. I started gaining weight and said, ‘F**k this’. I mean it works for him. He loves sweet. He loves sweets. He eats desserts and French toast. It’s crazy how his body just burns it.”

The 35-year-old has made no secret of his love of Taco Tuesday. But his carb-heavy diet doesn’t seem to be slowing him down professionally. His resume includes 16 All-Star selections, four MVP awards, three NBA championships and three NBA Finals MVP awards.

French toast: yay or nay?

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Comments (2)

  • Good thing he's burning it all off like crazy by playing basketball and training. There was a similar report about an MLB pitcher I was a fan of, he was as skinny as a rail, but apparently he ate like 3 Big Macs and 4 large fries, 2 milkshakes lol It's surprising they don't get stomachaches!

      1 year ago
  • I love French Toast, but I am maybe half LeBron’s size and I am not nearly as active so it makes sense that I can only handle two, maybe three pieces.

      1 year ago