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L​eft-over curry for breakfast - why not?

S​ome people don't do this. They are simply not my friends.

1y ago

T​he problem with curry is the same as the one with white emulsion: you can't buy exactly the right amount, you can only buy too much.

I​t follows, therefore, that if you have curry of an evening, there will be some left in the morning, even if it's only a bit of juice in the carton to spread on toast or some vegetables you felt obliged to order but didn't really want. It is there, as you stumble into the kitchen in your pants, and it says 'Eat me'. It does not say 'Put me in the fridge in a sealed container to prevent the spices and onion corrupting the flavour of the milk' or 'Put me in the bin'.

S​o have curry for breakfast. Yet there are people I know who find this idea repulsive, even though that same food, just eight or so hours earlier, was so alluring that they would have killed and accepted the consequences if anyone had come between them and it. The magic of spices is not linked to the clock. It is not the musk of Tennyson's rose.

A​nd anyway, in places like India and Pakistan, where the things we group in the drop-zone of 'curry' are just 'food', you would not think it odd to start the day with something like this. I wonder if there's a man in Delhi, as I write, looking at a left-over scrap of last-night's shepherd's pie and wondering if he should eat it at 7am, on a chapati?

Y​es, sir, you should. These are extraordinary times.

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Comments (64)

  • I'm an Indian and I have eaten leftover pizza from the previous day's takeaway at 7 AM, so there you go, sort of.

      1 year ago
  • If you can do “breakfast for dinner” on occasion why not have curry for breakfast?

      1 year ago
  • There's not very many things better than left-over curry. I'm all for the unpopular opinion of having a curry-breakfast, sadly though my stomach tolerance doesn't allow. And it always taste better, without a doubt. I remember taking left-over curry for lunch at the office years ago and by Christ did I get some envious looks. At one point I felt in danger.

      1 year ago
  • I had a prawn madras from Rupeyal in Biddulph circa 1997? I didn’t finish it, so in the morning I took it out of the fridges warmed it up and had with some grilled fish fingers. Fush fingers & prawn Madras was a surprisingly enjoyable breakfast 🤔

      1 year ago
  • I couldn’t do it. Not because I find it repulsive, but because we never have left over curry. My wife and I will eat it until we feel like we’ll explode. So delicious from mild to “burn your ring” hot. All curry is great!

      1 year ago