Leftover Lemon Rice, Foodi Beef Curry

I had lemon rice left over, and a lot of Beef Topside, so ...

4w ago

The lemon rice was indeed lemony but not very spicy, so I looked at Richard Sayce's book and just did the spice tadka. The colour is a bit dark because I used a red onion: tasty and darkly interesting where the starting point was subtle: www.youtube.com/MistyRicardo

I had previously bought a 1.5kg lump of 30-day aged Topside when it was half price in Tesco, without really having an idea what I would do with it. best before was approaching, so I cubed it and split between the dish tonight and pre-cooked meat for BIR, per The Curry Guy.

The recipe I used was onepotrecipes.com/instant-pot-beef-curry-recipe/., but I did add some extra fresh chillis because I felt it would be a bit dull.

It was very agreeable and the topside was meltingly tender. However - I should have known better: I put the garlic and ginger in with the onion per recipe, and the garlic burned while I fussed over the rice preparation. It did not seem to cause a problem.

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  • I am so needing some curry.

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