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Leonardo DiCaprio fundraiser will help growing number of hungry Americans

Oprah said she’s donating $1 million to the cause

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A celebrity fundraiser has launched to support the food access crisis in the US. America’s Food Fund is a campaign on GoFundMe which was set up by actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Laurene Powell Jobs and Apple, along with the Ford Foundation.

DiCaprio, Jobs and The Ford Foundation began the fundraising with a hefty $12 million. Oprah announced that she will be donated $1 million to the efforts.

The money is going towards two very worthy causes: the first is José Andrés’s World Central Kitchen, which has been feeding people in need throughout the coronavirus crisis (you might remember our report on the chef feeding quarantined passengers on a cruise ship).

America’s Food Fund will also go towards Feeding America, a nationwide organization which feeds people in need through food banks. The fund will support the work that both organizations are already doing to distribute meals to people impacted by covid-19.

The GoFundMe page explains: “World Central Kitchen and Feeding America are on the front lines of this rapid-response effort, however, they are facing new challenges every day:

- Responding to the vast number of people impacted who are in need of food

- Food supply-chain disruptions, and access to product

- Distributing meals in ways that maintain the health and safety of all involved

- Access to enough volunteers.

The goal of America’s Food Fund...is to help ensure that all people have reliable access to food.”

“On behalf of Feeding America, I would like to thank Leonardo DiCaprio, Laurene Powell Jobs, and Tim Cook for their generosity and support, which will help our network of food banks provide food and other resources to communities impacted by this crisis,” said Claire Babineaux-Fontenot, CEO of Feeding America. "Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, 37 million people in this country did not have consistent access to nutritious meals – including 11 million children and 5.5 million seniors. These numbers are quickly rising, and it is critical that we rally together as a nation to support our neighbors during this time of great need.”

Undoubtedly more and more people are going to be in need because of the pandemic. According to The Washington Post, a record 10 million people applied for unemployment insurance in March 2020.

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