1y ago
Let's build a burger: Top Bun is first, Bottom bun last, in between is up to you

Select your answers in order of preference.

    • Top Bun
    • Ketchup
    • Burger Patty
    • Lettuce
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    Comments (36)

    • Bun, Ketchup, Lettuce, Tomato , Cheese, Burger, Bottom Bun. And fast drive thru service because perfect whopper 🀘

        1 year ago
    • The absence of gherkins has been noted by the Gherkin Secret Society which operates here on FT.

        1 year ago
    • I dislike tomatoes and tomato sauce. Mine will be disgusting πŸ˜‚

        1 year ago
    • Damn it! Now that I've built a virtual cheeseburger I want a real one!

        1 year ago
    • I didn't read the instructions and put bottom bun first 😬My burger is upside down

        1 year ago
      • Well right now the popular decision is to build your entire burger on top of a slice of cheese so πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

          1 year ago
      • Haha! Anything goes in lockdown πŸ”πŸ’₯

          1 year ago