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Let’s celebrate pina colada Fanta

Pina colada-flavoured Fanta is out now!

1y ago

February 10th 2020 will be another remarkable day in the history books. Not because of politics, heroics or a picture of a cute dog receiving 200 million likes on Twitter, but because of another invention that has furthered mankind’s ambition to live in a fully sophisticated society.

The pina colada cocktail epitomises elegance, making people feel like members of the aristocracy when really they’re sat in a Wetherspoons pub at eleven o’clock on a Wednesday morning.

From 10th February, Fanta’s new pina colada flavour will be hitting the shelves, allowing people to binge drink without pushing them over the drink-drive limit. Mixing pineapple and coconut in an exquisite blend, it’s highly likely that Fanta have created a drink even more refreshing than their own lemon variety.

Since Fanta has got such a knack for manufacturing faultless drinks (I pour orange Fanta on my cereal and shower in Fruit Twist) I cannot wait to start sampling this guaranteed delight. I might even add a little spirit into the mix, just to generate some realism.

If only it had come out in time for Dry January (remember that?)

Will you be trying Fanta’s pina colada flavour?

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