Let's see if we can get McVitie's to make this giant Gold Bar ingot

A giant Gold bar is what we need to survive 2021

13w ago

There's a lot of chitter-chatter on the internet about what exactly makes a God-tier chocolate bar, and many people incorrectly assume it's not the McVitie's Gold Bar. Because it is the McVitie's Gold Bar. All other chocolate bars might as well roll up their little chocolate beach towels and scurry back to their little chocolate hotel rooms and sulk while watching a foreign version of Total Wipeout.

Reddit user ThatUKCook also knows this to be true, and that's why he's mocked up a giant Kit Kat Chunky-sized effigy of the iconic Gold bar. ThatUKCook has reached out to McVitie's to get this beast turned into a real thing (and I've sent a McVitie's marketing employee a message too), so hopefully this dream can become a reality.

If you've never tasted a Gold Bar, it's a bit like waking up to find you're surrounded by cute mewing kittens on a sun-drenched beach with warm tropical water lapping at your toes, and someone's given you a million pounds sterling. But in chocolate bar form. It tastes like a gentle blend of caramel and white chocolate, but it's not disgusting, and it has a dense biscuity core that shackles the whole experience together to blow your mind.

That's probably enough about McVitie's Gold Bars, but please do jump in on the Reddit thread to demand it makes it to supermarket shelves (or at least my belly) soon.

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  • Is the covering on those like a Caramac bar. That would be amazing..

      3 months ago