Home cooking brought to you by
Home cooking brought to you by

Let's show James May how much love FoodTribers have

Get those creative juices flowing for #FelixFakeaways

7w ago

I hope you all are having a wonderful week! Now we all need to come together with some creative cooking skills and help show and support James May with how much love FoodTribers have.

Let's all dig into the back corner of that freezer, all those containers in the fridge and create some awesome goodness that will make you want to cook this dish again. My picture is one of the worst leftovers to have and is a sneak peak to one of my ingredients.

As always I am here if you need me, even if you are wanting ideas for your leftovers. Just send me a DM and I will try to help you asap. So FoodTribe let's get cooking!

Remember #FelixFakeaway in the title and call James May out in the comments

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