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Level up your BBQs with this lemon & cucumber spritz recipe

A refreshing cocktail to go with your Italian BBQ favourites

Shuqi Yu posted in Drinks
9w ago

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We all know a good drink can really take a meal to the next level, but nothing does it quite like a refreshing spritz. And even better when it's created with the world's best-selling Mionetto Prosecco. A zingy cocktail that brings out the flavour of your grilled meats, this beverage should be top of your list for the next refreshing cocktail to tuck into.

It's simple to mix and works beautifully alongside Italian BBQ favourites such as tomato & goat's cheese bruschetta, where the lemon cuts through the acidity from the cheese, intensifying its creamy texture.

We'd also recommend trying this with chargrilled prawns with aioli, where the lemon and cucumber both counteract and neutralise the stronger flavours of garlic, making for a smoother and milder flavour.

Lemon & Cucumber Spritz

A refreshing cocktail for the summer

Prep time30min
Total time35min


  • 1 bottle – Mionetto Prosecco DOC
  • 50 ml – Fox Denton's Cucumber & Lemon Gin
  • Ice cubes
  • 1 slice – fresh cucumber


  1. Chill a bottle of Mionetto Prosecco in the freezer for 30 minutes.
  2. Fill a highball glass with ice, add 50ml of Fox Denton's Cucumber and Lemon gin.
  3. Top with Mionetto Prosecco and stir.
  4. Garnish with fresh cucumber.

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