Lidl is selling a BBQ pizza oven for summer in the garden

Lidl knocking it out the park again, just in time for the heatwave

35w ago

Not everyone is keen on a BBQ. I love attending them but, I'm a vegetarian and a fussy git, so I tend to just pick at the crisps. Not complaining at all, each to their own. What I would love at a BBQ, is a slice of pizza.

As with all life's great questions, it seems, Lidl has the answer. They have released a BBQ pizza oven, so now everyone can gorge at the BBQ. It's the ultimate addition to this year's garden party (socially distanced or otherwise).

You just place the oven on top of the BBQ and put your pizza inside. The base is permeable to heat, so the lovely hot air from the BBQ will provide you with delicious pizza in no time. The thermostat lets you keep an eye on the temperature and you can be sure it will be as crisp as you want it, because the oven absorbs moisture, too.

You can even add a pizza paddle, for £9.99, if you want to go full on pizza chef on the family. And why not!

Oui chef!

Oui chef!

With a heatwave making its way to the UK, and these priced at just £39.99, we predict they will be gone before you know it. Time to invest on your next essential shopping trip?

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Comments (8)

  • Will it get up to temperature though? I'd buy one our of morbid curiosity.

      8 months ago
  • Right, I’m off shopping...

      8 months ago
  • Thanks for sharing Hayley 👍 I bought one. The thermometer has an ideal range, which I ignored and cranked it up to very hot. The pizza needs rotating 180° half way through cooking, total cook time about 4 minutes.

      8 months ago