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- Calamari + Tomatoes

Like a lot of my favorite dishes, the first time I tasted it was because my Dad had made it. He’s since told me that the idea for the dish first came from a recipe on the back of a frozen calamari package, although I suspect they adapted it from an Italian recipe. The basic idea for the dish is to throw some squid, tomatoes, and some sherry into a sauté pan and cook until the calamari is tender and the flavors all come together. Unfortunately, squid is temperamental, and cooking it just right is essential; otherwise, the texture will be all wrong. Anyway, if you follow this recipe, it should come out alright. You can easily expand on this basic recipe; it’s just a guide; cooking is about experimenting. For example, If you hate the taste of sherry or you don’t have sherry, but you do have some leftover sake or white wine, then use that.


1 lb. calamari, thawed and cleaned

2 TBL. neutral oil (grape-seed)

1/2 medium onion sliced

2 garlic cloves

2 TBL. minced fresh parsley

3/4 C. cherry tomatoes, or quartered normal

1/3 C. Dry Sherry - Fino or Cooking

Pinch of Oregano - if fresh triple

1 tsp. chili flakes (if desired)

Kosher Salt and Tellicherry Pepper to taste

slices of your favorite bread


-serves 4-6.


If the calamari is still whole, then slice the body into 1/4inch thick rings and leave the tentacles intact. Rinse the squid under cold water.

Sauté onion and garlic with the oil over in a large high-sided pan over medium-high heat and cook until fragrant and beginning to turn golden brown. Approximately 3min.

Add the calamari to the pan, turn the heat to medium, cover, and cook for 10min. Checking occasionally and stirring to make sure nothing is sticking.

Add sherry and oregano along with Salt and Pepper to taste and cook for 10min on low heat uncovered (this allows for some of the liquid to cook off). Stirring occasionally.

Add tomatoes, parsley, (and chili flakes if desired), and cook for 20min on low heat uncovered. Stir

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  • Looks and sounds great Glen!!

      26 days ago
    • Thank you! It's exciting and a little bit nerve-racking to write and share my thoughts and ideas. It's nice to have a fun and welcoming place to do it.

        26 days ago
    • Ah no nerves needed, you nailed it...! Can't wait to see more (and hear some of your wine stories!!)

        26 days ago
  • Sounds excellent!

      26 days ago
  • Sounds very tasty! Thanks for sharing!

      26 days ago
  • Thank you looks tasty

      26 days ago
  • Sorry, some of the recipe was cut off, along with my suggestion for wine and cocktail pairing. Add tomatoes, parsley, (and chili flakes if desired), and cook for 20min on low heat uncovered. Stirring occasionally. If the pan becomes too dry at any point, you can add water or stock a tablespoon at a time. Ideally, you want a sauce consistency.

    Serve hot with bread and butter for dipping. Alternatively, you can use this as a topping for pasta or even quinoa.



    A white wine with proper salinity will do well here, a “Chablis” style chardonnay from Matthiason Winery in Napa Valley, CA. 2016 SONOMA COAST CHARDONNAY MICHAEL MARA VINEYARD


    The Bamboo - essentially a martini made only with sherry and vermouth - get the recipe here.

      26 days ago
    • Bamboo Cocktail: INGREDIENTS

      Serving: 1

      1 1/2 ounces fino sherry

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