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Limited edition Chocolate Orange Viennetta is back

The well-known ice cream brand has just released its limited edition flavour for Christmas. Buy one quick.

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Nothing says Christmas like a Chocolate Orange... and now you can get your fix in ice cream form!

What is Viennetta?

Viennetta was launched in 1982 by British ice cream company Walls. It mass produced a version of an Italian dessert which was also called Viennetta. This delicious treat is swirled vanilla ice cream with chocolate, and an extra layer of chocolate on top. Is your mouth watering yet?

Current flavours of Viennetta include: Mint, Chocolate and Pistachio. This list is now to be updated for a limited time with Chocolate Orange.

Everyone is going chocolate orange mad for Christmas

The Costa Choc Orange Muffin.

The Costa Choc Orange Muffin.

Firstly, I guess it would be a crime to not mention the original and main source of everyone's Choc Orange obsession. The Terry's Chocolate Orange is a Christmas stocking staple and will usually be found in everyone's house during the festive period.

For those of you that don't know, it's an orange-shaped and flavoured ball of chocolate, divided into 20 segments. It's similar to a real orange, and wrapped in patterned foil. When packaged, the segments are stuck together. Before tucking into it, you have to tap it on a hard surface, which separates the segments: Tap and Unwrap.

As pictured above, the Costa Choc Orange Muffin is set to release on 1 November along with other limited edition items, which are all part of Costa's Christmas menu.

Fear not fellow coffee lovers! You could soon be having your Choc Orange fix too, with this flavoured instant coffee produced by Beanie, which claims less than two calories per serving - sign me up.

What else has Terry's Chocolate Orange done?

Coming back to Terry's Chocolate Orange, there have been several spin-offs of the iconic chocolate brand. This is a list that includes: Chocolate Orange White Eggs (white chocolate versions of Chocolate Orange available for Easter); Segsations Mini Eggs (individually wrapped mini eggs); and Chocolate Orange Minis (small segments).

You can buy the limited edition Viennetta from UK retailer Morrisons here.

Are you a chocolate orange lover or hater?

Fancy trying the limited edition Viennetta?

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  • I miss Viennetta so much. I wish it would come back to the US....

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