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Listen: Developing seeds by day, Seminole wars re-enactor by night

Seed development helps farmers grow the right varieties in the right locations

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Matt Griffin and I met during our time at the University of Florida: pretty much everyone in the college of agriculture knew everyone. While we never shared any of the same classes, we both were active in various student organizations and share a love for all things Florida agriculture.

Matt is a seed product development manager by day and a Seminole war re-enactor by night.

Our interview covers a wide variety of topics, like how Matt develops certain plant varieties for his customers, some Florida agriculture history, as well as why he portrays a Black Seminole Indian for various war reenactments.

This is a great one! Be sure to check out Matt at the links below, as well as another podcast interview he was on, The Millennial Salesman.


Show Notes

Matt’s Background

United Genetics Seed Company

Selling seeds

Marketing different varieties

Researching best growing varieties

Working with seed companies vs working with farmers

History Florida Agriculture

Importance of remembering our history

Seminole Indian Reenactments

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