Listen: Farm Traveler podcast – Milk, cheese, and dairy cattle

Also, why are dairy calves separated from their mothers?

28w ago

Tessa Pacion works at Ludwig Farmstead Creamery that produces great milk and even some cheeses.

In our interview today on the Farm Traveler podcast, Tessa will talk about her animal science degree and working with dairy cattle in college.

Tessa will also address many misconceptions consumers have about milk production, like the frequency milk is tested before consumption, and why dairy calves are separated from their mothers.

This is a full episode of great information on all things dairy, as well as what showing dairy cattle are all about.


Tessa’s background.

Animal Science degree and working with dairy cows in college

What is homogenization and pasteurization

How many times milk is tested before it gets to the consumer

Cheese production

Misconceptions with dairy cattle

Why dairy calves are separated from their moms

Cow comfort

Showing dairy cattle

COVID-19’s impact

Switching production from restaurant to grocery stores

Experience with farm tours and showing consumers how milk is produced

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