Little Moons launching limited edition summer flavours – including fish & chips

The three new flavours of mochi bring every aspect of summer, including the sea

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We see more and more the impact TikTok can have when it becomes obsessed with a product. Back in February, Little Moons learned how that feels. The platform really took to the Japanese inspired dessert brand and their delicious ice cream balls.

Little Moons have seven standard flavours: Alphonso Mango, Creamy Coconut, Strawberries & Cream, Vegan Chocolate, Madagascan Vanilla, Vegan Passionfruit & Mango and Honey Roasted Pistachio.

And now, for a limited time over the summer, they will be joined by Eton Mess, Candy Floss and... Fish & Chips. Yes, you read that right, Fish & Chips.

Photo from @littlemoonsmochi on Instagram

Photo from @littlemoonsmochi on Instagram

Each of the new flavours will follow the Little Moons tradition and have their signature smooth and delicious ice cream wrapped in soft and chewy mochi dough, hand finished with rice flour.

This new range was first spotted on popular foodie Instagram page @kevssnackreviews where he reviewed the flavours, including the Fish & Chips.

He said, "New flavours of Little Moons Mochi! Candy Floss, Eton Mess and...Fish & chips?! The latter is a sweet and salty combination with a hint of tangy vinegar and mint chocolate chips throughout. Each ice cream ball is encased in soft and chewy mochi dough that replicates the colour of golden batter before being topped off with a mini chocolate fish."

Photo from @kevssnackreviews on Instagram

Photo from @kevssnackreviews on Instagram

The reviews on the post were mixed with one commenter saying, "I am setting my alarm for this, as they will sell out FAST!! Can't wait!!" While another said, "Yes!!!! But not the fish and chips one, that sounds grim."

If bringing the sweet taste of the sea to your freezer doesn't sound like your thing, the other flavours might be more up your street. Candy Floss is supposed to transport you to the fairground with the look and taste of candy floss on a stick, while Eton Mess apparently gives you the perfect afternoon treat. Featuring luxuriously creamy strawberry ice cream studded with strawberry pieces, light meringue and dusted with zingy strawberry powder.

To celebrate the new range, Little Moons will be embarking on the Little Moons Big Summer Tour, handing out their mochis at seaside towns. For more information on the tour, visit the Little Moons website and keep an eye on their Instagram, @littlemoonsmochi.

The new range will be available on July 5th on the Little Moons website, and for their standard flavours you can get a box of six for £4.50 online, or in store at Waitrose, Tesco and Ocado.

Which flavour do you like the sound of best?

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