Local Drive thru.

We have a few of these available in our city.

1y ago

I do not know where all you can find these at in America but I know not in Maine. We use to have friends in Maine that would come down and see us and I would have to take them through a local drive thru. So I thought I would share this with those of you that have never seen or heard of one. You can buy your beer, cigarettes, pop, lottery tickets and snacks here. Occasionally you will find some that you can even buy a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread. It does sometimes cost a little bit more but most things seem to when it is a little extra convenient.

If you are in America or overseas let me know in the comments if you have one available to you and where you are located at.

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  • I'm in South Africa and we dont have that here. Looks interesting though. Convenient that's for sure.

      1 year ago
  • Australia has been described as an incredibly free market economy.

    There are drive throughs everywhere.

    McDonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks, (Burger King,) Zaraffas coffee, Zambreros, Guzman Y Gomez Mexican, and many other alphabet soup type fude outlets.

    There are various drive through hardware stores, and drive through bottle shops which also sell bread, milk, hot pies, sausage rolls, pasties, and anything else that can be trucked in and stacked on shelves.

    I was thinking that golfism courses could benefit from some sort of drive thru setup.

    You'd drive to the country club, park in the carpark, walk inside, hire a golf cart, hop in it, drive it to the drive thru, purchase some chewing gum, packets of crisps, and soft drinks, tea or coffee, magazines, dime store novels, the morning paper, then hire or buy perhaps a 12v plug in toaster, popcorn making machine, hot dog bun warmer , small portable gas fired BBQ , frozen weiners, burger patties , hot dog buns, burger buns, sliced processed cheese, chopped lettuce, a plastic bottle of mayo, some chopped tomatoes, sliced onions, a tub of coleslaw, a tub of potato salad, and in Australia, a tub of sliced beetroot.

    And a bag of doggie treats.

    Because in my country club, dogs are dogs.


      1 year ago
  • I live in Germany and there are drive thru’ stores you can buy things like Stones, Metal things, whatever, for building, repairing houses and installation (bath, garden, workshop), but not for food. They deliver your food - that is nice

      1 year ago
    • Hey glad to hear your input! This has been an interesting post!

        1 year ago
  • They make life a little easier.

      1 year ago
  • Used to see them here in Texas, but not for a few years.

      1 year ago