Local hero buys a year's supply of beer before the price goes up

He said he "refused to be ripped off"

2w ago

Last week, the Irish government set a minimum price of 10 euro cents per gram of alcohol with a new controversial law. And when I say controversial I mean 'dumb'. Anyway, a man in Cork decided he wouldn't have it, and he bought 300 cans of German Pils and 100 bottles of French Lager before the law comes into effect.

Denis Boyle, who works as a photographer, said: "They won’t get one extra euro off me. I won’t be ripped off. The only people affected by this are the less well off – the wealthy won’t notice. I went into the local Aldi on Monday and spent about €350, which means I save about €200. Usually, if I go to the off-licence, I’ll buy a six pack. This time, I stocked up. I like a beer, but I’m not a big drinker and I wouldn’t bother with spirits so that will do me for the year.”

Mr Doyle is quite angry. And I'm with him. He added: “Wow dare they pretend to know how ordinary people feel? If you’re on the minimum wage and you buy a slab of beer that will last you two weeks, it will cost you €45 now instead of €25. How does that help?”

Historically, government-imposed minimum prices or, even worse, blanket bans on alcohol have always proved to be ineffective in the long run, often causing more harm than good. People always find a way around it, one way or another (many will be travelling to Northern Ireland), and with these laws, the government should really toss the rose-tinted glasses it seems to be wearing and realise that all they're doing is helping the black market.

What do you think? Will this work, or is it yet another example of a government that oversteps its bounds?

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