Lockdown eats and the LA food and drink scene – FoodTribe Podcast S01E03 is here

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1y ago

After erm, too many weeks, the FoodTribe podcast returns. We recorded our last episode before all this lockdown business, in an actual office, with actual people, in actual London.

Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, and the delivery of several microphones, we’re back, live from our homes, in Berkshire, Herefordshire… and Los Angeles.

That’s right. This week we’ve been joined by LA-based freelance journalist Clare Wiley, who’s here to give us some serious wanderlust. Clare spent a year living in different city every month with a group of 70 people. She tells us about the highs and lows, the guinea pigs, and the insane meaty banquets (not so great if you’re pescatarian).

Apart from that, we’re giving an update from both sides of the pond on the Coronavirus situation. While things might be a bit bleak, there’s so much good happening in the world right now, and we made sure to highlight that too.

Listen below, or check out the FoodTribe Podcast on Spotify and iTunes.

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