Drinks brought to you by
Drinks brought to you by
- Mango Shake

Lockdown has led me to do this

I had mango shake in a beer mug. Is that desperate?

1y ago

India, like many other nations on earth, is and has been under complete lockdown for well over a month. That has led me to come up with ways to attack two cravings in one shot. What you see here are a couple of tall beer mugs with muscular arms. And in both, there’s mango shake. Don’t get me wrong! I absolutely love the non-alcoholic, fruity drink. The only sad part is that I haven’t had a beer (not even a bad one!) in a while. I will have to wait until the wine shops, bars or restaurants open.

So, I thought I’ll capture this image and share it with you guys. For me, this really sums up my woes under the mandatory lockdown. Being a foodie, or a drink-ie, why don’t you click a picture that encapsulates your grief and share it in the comments?

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