Lockdown three saved thanks to cheese toasties

A humble snack with heroic ambitions.

7w ago

Comfort eating is an essential safety net, especially in the midst of another COVID-19 lockdown.

The third round of national restrictions imposed by the UK government meant that the Christmas overindulgence never really ended, stretching towards Easter like a snake on a sugar rush.

However, surviving purely off chocolate and booze is not a display of practising a healthy diet. Meals should be balanced and wholesome, containing a wealth of nutritious ingredients; like cheese, for example.

Cheese is the most critical of all foodstuffs, primarily because of its intense happiness. After all, its glistening yellow aura is a crisp spring day captured in every bite of cherished crumbliness. That may be why so many of us have relied on the faithful cheese toastie to keep us safe during months of indoor living.

According to a survey completed by cheese-maker Jarlsberg, the top comfort food of Brits during the third lockdown has been cheese toasties, with one quarter of respondents choosing the dreamy, dripping delight. Cheese clearly being a snacking favourite, pizza finished in second place with 17% of the vote followed by jacket potato with cheese with 12%.

The nation decided that its go-to toastie was ham and cheese, closely followed by BLT. Simple grilled cheese and tuna melt landed a respectable joint third place finish. Runners up were cheese and pickle, chocolate spread and vegan cheese. A surprising variety of champions, but a little disappointing that cheese and onion couldn’t find a top spot.

Jarlsberg’s investigation also discovered that 40% of people are struggling to stick to a healthy diet compared with the first two lockdowns, many blaming a general lack of motivation as well as brutally cold and dark winter days (let’s face it, salad has never warmed anyone up).

Commenting on the outcomes of the poll, Dorota Dziedzic, assistant brand manager for Jarlsberg, said: “The comfort that cheese brings to food and feelings has come across loud and clear in the survey.

“I would suggest that by using wholemeal bread, no butter and adding in some tomatoes and a bit of lettuce with your cheese, you can even enjoy a completely guilt-free cheese toastie.”

What comfort foods have you relied on through the COVID-19 crisis?

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Comments (12)

  • "surviving purely off chocolate and booze is not a display of practising a healthy diet." Tell me about it 😅. Ok, I will add cheese to my 🍫🍷 diet.

      1 month ago
  • Making absolutely anything I can! 🤣

      1 month ago
  • I would say that sparkling water (root beer flavoured and cream soda flavoured), and any home cooked meals helped me get through the full lockdown along with 2 glasses of rum and coke every week

      1 month ago
  • Tomato sauce with a cheese toastie? Should be HP Brown sauce surely.

      1 month ago
    • I agree entirely, however there are some disgusting things on the internet...

        1 month ago