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Locking down my cookery skills: a new video series

I'm using this time to brush up on essential skills. Join me if you fancy

1y ago

I'm spending a heck of a lot of time cooking at the moment, but I've reached something of a ceiling. I've got a dozen or so dishes I can do really well, but I've got a lot of key blind spots that are holding me back from really getting good at this cooking malarkey.

I've decided to commit to 10 days of new cookery skills. I'm going to learn some essential kitchen and cheffing techniques, and I'm going to make a little video diary of each one. Here's the schedule:

I'm sure many of you can already do most, if not all of these. To be perfectly honest, there's a couple I'm relatively comfortable with already, but this is a process of fine-tuning and finessing, as well as learning for the first time.

To many, this list might make no sense. Who doesn't know how to chop an onion, and who considers gyoza wrappers a basic cookery skill?

And yes, I will concede that it's not entirely logical. This is a mix of everyday tasks that I know I could be doing better, and techniques I need to learn to get better at cooking some of my favourite dishes and cuisines. Besides, although I'm starting with 10 we'll probably have enough time to keep on going, so I can cover plenty more things in time.

I'd urge you to join me in this journey of betterment – let's make the best of this peculiar period by filling our evenings with self-improvement and learning.

The first installment will be released tomorrow, when I tackle the simple but oh so crucial onion. I'm sick of hacking away at these pesky, tear-inducing vegetables. I need to learn the proper way: the French way, naturally.

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