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Look as sweet as Hershey's chocolate

This make-up collaboration really is with Hershey's Chocolate.

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I was checking Instagram. My feed is usually cars, motorsport, friends. I search at times some puppies doing some funny thing and then decided to search some cool stuff about food and started with chocolate. This is when I stumbled upon Hershey's in a collaboration with a cosmetics company. (This is the post, and the same video from the post is a bit below)

Etude House is a South Korean Cosmetics Company, they have created a collection inspired from Hershey's Chocolate. It is called Etude House X Hershey's. They have two choices in colours (saying flavours would be weird) - "Original" and "Cookies & Cream".

According to Etude House's website, they have got two sets - a "small set" and a "bigger than small set". In both the sets there is chocolate inspired eye shadow of both colour option and lip balm or lipstick or something for lip colour. The bigger than small set has Hershey's original and cookies & cream chocolate resembling brushes. This will come wrapped in a Hershey's Chocolate wrappers. They are nailing packaging.

Both the available Hershey's sets. Screenshot from Etude House's website

Both the available Hershey's sets. Screenshot from Etude House's website

This is the sweet-bitter moment (I am aware it is the other way around). The sweet part is Etude House ships to many places in the world and is having a sale on the Hershey's Collection as you may have noticed in picture above. The bitter part is the Collection is out of stock/sold-out for the time being. When will the stock replenish, I cannot tell.

To the women who will read this I would love for you to answer this big question below.

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