Los Angeles restaurants dishing up week of concepts

Forget the menu, book a table and experience the imagination of your favorite chef!

1y ago

Some meals are flat out weird, on paper. They absolutely shouldn't work and only the most adventurous among us will be brave enough to order them. But before you know it, everyone at the table wants a little taste and the conversation turns to how on earth anyone thought to put those flavors together. But it works.

Being a chef is not just about striving for perfection in every serving of every single dish on the menu in your restaurant. You need to have a pretty wild imagination to keep the menu up to date and keep diners intrigued. Always thinking of the next revolutionary combination or the next radical method of preparing something. A 'talk of the town' in the making.

Your chance to experience a 'talk of the town' in the making

Normally we only get to see the polished, tried and tested versions of these notions from the kitchen, but for one week only, some of the biggest eateries in LA plan to change that.

Book a table at any of these main players through Resy using your American Express card, from 24 February to 1 March, and you'll be treated to some experimental, never before tasted, trial dishes. A week of meals that may go on to become your favourite venue's next icon dish, or that may never make it to the menu with you being one of the lucky few who got to experience it.

If your adventurous friends want to push the boat out into this ocean of experimentation, but you're really attached to your favorite go to dish, fear not! Alongside this 'off menu' event, each restaurant will happily take orders from the regular menu to accommodate everyone.

When do you get the chance to experience fine food that's newer than new? Go on!

Would you order experimental dishes? What restaurants do you wish were included?

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  • I would try most anything at any restaurant in LA. It's near impossible to get a bad meal there!

      1 year ago