Love, Food, and Valentine’s Day

We eat with our eyes

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Love, food, and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand. Some of my best memories are in the kitchen cooking with my wife. So many of our emotions are wrapped around food, we celebrate with food, and we look to food for comfort on the hard days. Valentines’s day is just around the corner. Why not make things more extraordinary for your special someone this year by serving them a romantic dinner at home? Cooking your favorite meal together in the kitchen or even buying it preprepared and bringing it home to enjoy can be very rewarding.

When planning a meal at home, it’s important to remember we eat with our eyes. Think about sitting at your favorite restaurant and glancing over at the table next to you as the food is presented or scrolling through instagram and facebook posts showing enticing dishes. It’s true we eat with our eyes, and our eyes are the gateway to our soul. When a dish is visually appealing it is just better. Wouldn’t a rotisserie-roasted chicken make your mouth water more than a plain baked chicken breast?

A salad made with colorful leafy greens, red peppers and carrots is more attractive than a bowl of plain iceberg lettuce. The same goes for the rest of the table by presenting your food on beautiful plates, having fresh flowers, candlelight, and soft music playing just makes the evening even more special. You don’t have to be a chef or even a good cook to have a great dinner; just enjoy the experience. Give it a try. It’s kind of like love; a little messy but well worth the effort. This year I will be preparing Chicken with roasted grapes for my wife. It’s my personal twist to the classic recipe that is rumored to have inspired a Royal wedding.

February 14 isn’t the only day to celebrate love. Choose a date night on a regular basis and have some fun experimenting together with your loved one in the kitchen. Worst case scenario you can always go out!

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