Low carb Big Mac?

1y ago

A lot of times I don't finish my burger and run into the issue on what to do with what I have left. Well I tossed the bread cause yeah that's going to be gross. I cut it up in a container and after I heated it up I served it up with some shredded lettuce and thousand island dressing. It really wasn't too bad. A little onion and pickle would have been even better. At least I didn't toss what was left of my burger, it was pretty tasty. If you have a leftover burger, what do you do with it?

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  • Nice!

    Waaaaaayyyy back in the day, my first job was at Burger King. There actually was a low carb whopper on the menu and we’d make the burger in a dish without the bun. It looked a lot like your creation here!

      1 year ago
    • Oh wow havent seen that. Thanks for the input that's pretty cool.

        1 year ago