Lunch with the Gruffalo!

We went back to where we used to live. We had a walk then had lunch. (Gruffalo Pie sounds nice, but a meal in a countryside restaurant sounds nicer!)

6w ago

We had a little road trip 2 weeks ago to our old town. Well... we actually went for a walk first at Westonbirt Arboretum. We saw the Gruffalo and the big bad Mouse and all the other animals too! It was a nice trip down memory lane.

Then we went into the actual town itself, Tetbury. It is a nice village with loads of antique shops and clothing shops. There are a few cafes and a couple of restaurants. The one we went to is called The Close. You walk in, check in and they sit you outside. It was a very nice sunny day and I ordered a cocktai- sorry, mocktail for drink. It was a delicious, refreshing raspberry one.

For starter, I ordered rarebit with very thinly sliced ham and a poached egg. It was very nice! I enjoyed the runny egg moment and had some rarebit with it. They went together really well!

For the main course I had fish 'n chips with peas, skin on fries and tomato ketchup. It was the BEST fish and chips I had ever eaten. The fish was cooked perfectly, the batter - not too crispy but not too wet and the peas were nice too. The fries were crunchy and salty, like they should be.

Dessert was the best part! It was white chocolate pavé, popping candy, small choux buns, salted caramel bits and 100's and 1000's. When you ate the pavé it was in between a mousse and jelly. The choux bun was extremely fluffy and the amount of popping candy they put on was just right.

After all that, I was so full! We then headed back to the car and went home after an nice walk and lunch. The Close is a very nice place to visit, and you can sit outside on a sunny day. There are lots of climbing plants on the walls, and you can walk over to the pond with fish in it (although I like to call them anchovies even thought they're not).

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed reading this week's post, and I will try to post again next week! Bye for now! :)

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  • Nice post! It sounds like you had a wonderful day

      1 month ago
  • Very nice post Theo!

      1 month ago
  • The food sounds delicious 😋.

      1 month ago